Concealed Handgun Class (Everything Furnished)
(Gun, ammo, fingerprinting, gun range, all documents)
Class fee must be paid by cash, check, or credit card

Class fee is
$100.00 for person under 65 years of age
Class fee is
$85.00 for person 65 or older

State Police cost for person under 65 is
State Police cost for person 65 or older is $87.00

License Renewal is $35.00
State Police cost is $60.00

Out of State Transfer $35.00
Transfer fee to State Police $79.25

Black Powder finger printing if needed $35.00
(No charge if you attended one of the my classes)

FFL Firearm Transfer  
Classes are given twice a month with 5 hours of class room plus gun range time. All classes start at 9:00
and finish between 2:00 and 3:00. We furnished everything you need, gun, ammo, eye and hearing
protection. We do professional finger printing, the only thing to bring to class is your ID. Your State Police
Packet will be ready for mailing when you leave class. See schedule classes.

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