About The Instructor

Garry L. Brown, he is a native of Hot Springs, Arkansas. He is an avid deer hunter, and has been around guns
all of his life. Garry is a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Officer, State of Arkansas Concealed
handgun Instructor, (FFL) Federal Firearms License Dealer,  and NRA recruiter. He is certified in shipping
hazardous  materials around the world, certified Instructor in all hazardous material regulations with DOT the  
Department of Transportation, (IATA) International Air Transport Association, and (IMDG) International Maritime
Dangerous Goods.

One of the main purposes of the firearms safety training Instructor is to train and evaluate the level of
competence of a prospective applicant or licensee to ensure that the individual meets a basic level of
knowledge, understanding and practical operation for safe handling of a handgun.

Arkansas Concealed Handgun Instructor License # 10-637
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